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My name is Bernardo Granados and I am the owner of Elite Fence NC servicing the Charlotte NC area.

We install, service, and sell  Aluminum, Wood, Vinyl, Split Rail, Chain-Link, Custom Wood, and Ranch Rail Fence.  All of our fence materials come with a Limited Manufacturers Warranty.

Five Reasons your Business should have a Commercial Fence Installed.
  1. Enhanced security – The primary job of most fences is to provide you with better security. Wooden privacy fences are great for keeping safe from prying eyes but they tend to provide cover for the criminals as well. A good commercial fence should limit access and let you see everything that is happening on the other side of the fence as well. A strong fence coupled with a security camera form the basis for most commercial security systems.
  2. Lower Insurance Costs – A commercial fence can reduce your liability by providing a barrier between safe and restricted areas. It will also ensure that you have clearly marked boundaries on where people can go on your property and where they can’t.
  3. Appearance – In a commercial setting, appearance is everything. If you install an intimidating wrought iron, aluminum, or steel fence you can give potential clients the impression that you are upscale and serious or a sprawling wooden split rail fence can give the impression of being relaxed and homey. First impressions are important and your fence is usually the first thing a client will see.
  4. Privacy – If your clients would like to keep a low profile and prefer to come and go in privacy, a wooden privacy fence would be a good investment. Or if your company operates in a residential community, you may want not want to be distracted by your neighbors.
Types of Commercial Fence

Commercial fencing has one of the most expansive material lists of all the fence types because they can be used in so many different situations.
Elite Fence NC offers:

  • Commercial Metal Fences
  • Commercial Pool Fences
  • Commercial Security Fences
  • Commercial Railings
  • Commercial Wood Fences
  • 8ft Commercial Fences
  • Commercial Vinyl Fences
  • Commercial Chain Link Fences
  • Commercial Gates


We Pay Attention to all the details.

Whether your project is small residential or large-scale commercial, the little things can either make or break your project. Elite Fence NC knows what to look for and factor in so that you get the best product for the best price.

Elite Fence is HOA Compliant

All specifications, including material, height, and property survey lines, are executed in alignment with HOA regulations and standards.  With a commitment to following your area’s laws, Elite Fence NC takes the time to obtain the proper permits to complete your job in accordance with these laws, leaving you with an enhanced property and peace of mind.

Charlotte Commercial Fence NC

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Best Pricing for Commercial Fence  

Charlotte Commercial Fence NC

What is the difference between
Elite Fence NC and other fence companies?

There is a lot to consider when choosing a fence company, and with your budget, time, and security on the line, finding the right person for the job can be daunting. Elite Fence NC has the training and experience to take the guesswork out of what to look for. Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose us:

We get the job done right the first time

We listen closely and carefully during your initial consultation and estimate while taking into consideration extenuating factors (like location or weather) that will affect the lifetime of your fence.  

Elite Fence does not Cut Corners

Shortcuts usually mean going the long way eventually.  We show up on time, complete each job within the quoted timeframe, and check-in with our clients for quality assurance along the way.  We take our time to do things right the first time, so we don’t waste your time and money later.

We love our Job and our Clients

Nothing is worse than spending lots of money on people who are tough to work with.  Our team of professionals is not only experts in their field, but they also deliver excellent customer service, making them great for your job and great to be around.

We use only premium fence materials

Our skill and service are supported by the premium materials we use on every project.  Using top quality wood, aluminum, vinyl, chain link, and others, Elite Fence NC guarantees that your fence will be attractive, effective, and long-lasting.

We offer the Best Quality for the Best Prices

With so many companies on the market, it’s easy to get sucked into a scam. Elite Fence NC is committed to client satisfaction and product integrity, making your trust our priority.  By offering competitive prices, without sacrificing quality, Elite Fence NC has become a number one choice for clients who want premium fencing that fits every budget.

Each fence that we install comes with a detailed proposal, survey map and list of materials. We meet and exceed all specifications for a fence required by the state of North Carolina and all HOA specs.

Elite Fence NC is licensed, bonded and fully insured.

We offer fast online or in-person Free Estimates
Professional Installation and service
Go the extra mile for Great Customer Service.
Stand behind our work and Material 100%

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